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Do or Die

Mountain climbing is not for the faint of heart.

The Hit Man

Always make sure that you know what you're signing up for, as this ordinary man gets himself in a whole-lot of trouble!

Finding Fresh Air

Helping a construction worker did not go so well for a kid who just wants a breath of fresh air.

Camp Friendships

Summer camp friends... or enemies?

Sibling Shenanigans

Max and Ali are siblings that love to bug each other... but when Ali got hurt, Max didn't know what to do with himself!

Back to Square One

A game of four square causes some trouble for Addie and her friends.

The Awkward Audition

Going on an audition is not as easy as it seems!

Park Trouble

You never know what will happen when you bring your dog to a food truck festival.

The Adventures of Skylar and Papo

Just because you're scared doesn't mean you can't fly!

Mountain of Mayhem

A dangerous journey is not fit for all 14-year-olds.

Shopping Sham

Have you ever thought about how you are going to spend your money? Trust me when I say use it wisely.

Up is the Only Way

Come and listen to the story of a former slave telling his story to his young son.

A Breath of Fresh Feelings

A move to Michigan turns out to be waaayyyy bigger than anticipated!

Arrow's Falling

The true secrets of a squirrel... Revealed!

A Game Day Disaster

Three friends want to have a great time... but the weather has other plans.

Fear Kicker

When doctors from the past time travel to a soccer game, you know it's going to be a good one!

Splish, Splash

Taking a leap of faith led to an unexpected date... on skates.

Baseball Blues

Did Lindsey let rain ruin her time with her dad?

The Bullet

Imagine you're a coach and your best player turns to a better team... now imagine that team is the army.

The Missing Phrase

Sometimes thieves do not always get caught! This one got away.

Tales of a Dumb Girl

When Charlie has finaly learned how to be smart, it feels like a whole new and diffrent world for her.

Bakery Bash

Bet you didn't realize a Baker's Dozen wasn't always a good thing!

The Mysterious Trip

Going on a road trip can lead to helping someone in need.


It's always nice to be on a football team, but sometimes you have to overcome challenges to get there.

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